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  Home Buildings Insurance Claim Help    our claims service is FREE!!


Boxer Building Services specialise in buildings insurance claim work which cover the following:

claim help for water leaks WATER
Water leaks in any house can cause a lot of damage, from falling ceilings, to damaged fittings and furnishings. Boxer Building Services will arrange for the premises to be dried out if required, and all damaged structures replace or repaired.
claim help for flood FLOOD
Flood Water to your property can be very serious, whereby mud and sewerage can enter your home and make it uninhabitable. Boxer Building Services can arrange a fast and quick solution, including emergency relocation, while works are carried out.
claim help for impact IMPACT
This can come quite suddenly and unexpectedly, causing structural safety problems which could lead to a collapse. With any impact the whole property will require a survey to ensure your claim is properly assessed.
Boxer Building Services will arrange all this for FREE
claim help for fire FIRE
Smoke and Fire can cause damage that requires expert assessment. Some insurance companies try to go for cheap options when it comes to fire related incidents, which is not good when it comes to fire and smoke damage. 
Boxer Building Services will ensure you get the best.
claim help for storm STORM
This can be one of the most frightening of incidents and can result in a combination, of all of the above incidents. This means that 
Boxer Building Services, who are experts in these fields come into their own and can help you free of charge, to get your home back safe and sound.


Help with home insurance claims, Boxer Building Services
Help with home insurance claims, Boxer Building Services

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